Expedition is a stop motion animation project. The story is about Tim (the main character) wants to steal his favorite cookies in the imagination jungle temple. He uses his adventure equipments to pass all the traps and dangerous, and to reach the treasure chest at the top of temple.



Tim is a 10 years old kid who has curry brown hair and big glasses. He likes to explore everything, climb anywhere, and make his own secret weapons. He is smart, brave and creative, but sometimes he causes some little troubles to his mom.


Tim always thinks that he can move like Indiana Jones and sneak like a ninja, but he is just a little cute and naughty boy in his mom's eyes.


The puppet  is a wire armature with facial and eyes replacements. I had to face the problems of transforming 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional, and the weight of his head.

It's different between animation puppet and maquette sculpting. I design and did lot of tests of facial expression in digital and clay, even I had experience in sculpting. Later on, I realize that a solid heavy head isn't easy to animate, so I built a roto-casting device for making the hallow casting of faces.





When I designed Tim's room, I was thinking to present his personality, hobby and his heroes. There are item that he collects, the idea notes that he wrote, and the poster of his heroes


Tim thinks his room is a secret laboratory for his naughty ideas. In the story, Tim puts on his equiments in his room like a secret agent, even though they are just a toy gun and bandage.



The kitchen is the main set in the story. It's a nice, warm and America tranditaional kitchen, but it becomes a giant anicent jungle temple in Tim's imgination.


In the story, Tim has to find the traps and engages the dangers to reach the treasure chest(cookie jar) at top of temple. 

↓Drew by Chiara Ferrari



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